Autumn is definitely my favourite season. Crisp air, crunchy leaves, changing colours, comfort food and pumpkin spiced lattes. Whilst it maybe cold and breezy outside, you can create a cosy sanctuary inside to retreat to with some simple changes. 

You do not need to invest in completely new decor, just incorporate a few items that will subtly transition your decor to match the impending season and bring that warmth and cosiness.

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Scent plays a huge part in our lives, whether we realise it or not. Scent can evoke emotions and memories and instantly enhance our mood. Candles not only offer us a wonderful fragrance to fill our homes, but also give us that warm glow and intimate atmosphere. 

Perfect Autumn scents include spiced pumpkin, orange, cinnamon, bergamot, fig, amber and cedarwood.   

Our Botanical candle pictured is perfect both aesthetically and in fragrance. 


 To welcome in the new season, incorporate elements from nature such as wicker baskets, jute placemats, mangowood boards and of course some greenery and foliage.  

Layers are so important to create that cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Layer up your cushions by adding in different sizes, contrasting textures and colours. Add a throw to your sofa armchair. Drape some linens over your dining chairs and dress your table. You get the idea, just layer it up! 

Something as simple as changing your coffee table books that are on display adds subtle hints that the season is changing.  Our 'A Life Less Ordinary: Interiors and Inspirations' book below is a great addition. 


Colour Palette 

Bring in Autumnal colours and textures to your home. Think earthy and rich tones such as olive greens, terracotta, mauve and soft clay colours. We are intrinsically designed to be drawn to nature, so embracing these components from outdoors will allow us to feel connected to the season. Something as effortless as changing your faux flowers to rich burgundy and deep green stems will have a big impact. 


5 Quick Updates 

Add warm bulbs to your lamps for a cosier feel and ambience

Fill your fruit bowl with fruits that reflect the season such as figs, squash and bright red apples

Switch the pictures in your frames to some Autumnal prints

Group some small, pumpkins or pine cones together styled in a tray or glass jar

Drape a simple garland over your mantle piece or console table

I hope you enjoyed reading and have taken some ideas from this. If you have any comments or questions, please leave below.

Have a wonderful, cosy Autumn.

Sam x  

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