2022 will no doubt bring a fresh wave of Interior Design Trends and we cant wait! But whatever they may be, remember most trends don't last, so always stay true to your own style. Here are some that you can expect to see this year...

Organic will remain a key element in a lot of spaces. Think nature inspired materials such as jute, wood, rattan and stone. With more time than ever spent at home, people are seeking that connection with nature and what better way than bringing the outside in. It evokes feelings of calm and relaxation. 

Sustainability is also huge, so using natural materials links nicely with ensuring a sustainable future.  

Greens are hot news! Consistent with the nature inspired spaces, green colour palettes are set to be popular this year. Subtle, earthy tones like sage and olives will bring much needed warmth and balance to your rooms. 

Curved furniture first reached popularity in the 60's/70's and it's now making a comeback. Curves bring a calming flow to a space. The obvious choice would be a curved sofa (aptly named the conversational sofa) and they encourage socialisation. Or you could bring in a curved accent or dining chair. Ensure to balance your lines though and strike a balance, perhaps with a more angular table or piece of art work. 

There will be a large emphasis on multi functional rooms, spaces and furniture. Being at home a lot during the last couple of years has forced people to understand how they use their space and how to enhance this. We have become more creative in designing spaces for maximum use. We are seeing living areas incorporating a hide away desk within cabinetry, adjustable coffee tables which double up as a laptop table and opening up kitchen/dining areas to create more of a hybrid space. 2022 will be sure to see this evolve even more.  

Modern, earthy, rustic interiors will continue to dominate the interior world. Tones of warm browns, beige and stone, bring a calming and welcoming colour palette to your decor. This can be done subtly with accessories, or more boldly with the addition of furniture. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and I will finish by summarising with a favourite quote of mine: 

'Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style' Billy Baldwin

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